Are Cobalt Stocks This Year’s Kryptonite?

Electric Vehicle Demand Could Boost Cobalt Mining Stocks In 2018, Apple To Help Super Charge Too!

  1. Cobalt has been trending over the last year, with cobalt mining companies trading up across the board.
  2. The lack of supply has driven large manufacturers to secure supply directly with cobalt miners.
  3. Apple is already going directly to cobalt mining companies. Concerns about the rising prices of cobalt has been causing industrial buyers to seek longer-term contracts to lock in supplies.

Everyone likes to root for the underdog, and in this case, the underdogs are striking back with incredible force and are expected to show triumphant promise. Investors aren’t the only ones sizing up these companies.

Their larger mining counterparts are taking in their fast-growing potential and are seeing their capabilities for generating big returns, resulting in a widespread snatch-up of these smaller companies which could mean a big payday for investors.

Over the years, many industries have captivated real attention. Where last year’s trend saw bitcoin stocks explode, the year prior had more attention put on 3D printing stocks. Then there were gold mining stocks and marijuana stocks that took the market by storm before that. This year, 2018 could be pointing all arrows at cobalt miners and for good reason.