$MOKO #SocialMedia 2.0: Time To Make A Big Change To How We Communicate

In today’s world keeping in touch, connecting, and sharing information is as simple as clicking or swiping a button. Moko Social Media Limited (NASDAQ:MOKO) is a company that lends a hand to add to the simplicity of using social media more comfortably in our everyday lives. Moko Social Media engages in the digital publishing of mobile applications geared towards a younger generation of consumers.

Building around a common interest and many of different users, MOKO provides a platform viewed in the form of  mobile applications. One recently released to the public entitled “tagroom” provides information that connects users through their specified common interest and holds high standards for impacting the social media industry in a major way.

For those who are not aware, social media is an industry that generates billions of  dollars a year in revenue. MOKO is a publicly traded on the NASDAQ. Within the last 40 days, MOKO has been doing well, seeing a high at 6.05 and some lows during the month at $4.61 but has maintained there position in the green for the month of January which could make it a viable option for current and potential  shareholders to see a profitable return.

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