$PGSC Progressive Green Solutions (OTCMKTS:PGSC) Grabbing Big Gains On Light Volume Early On Wednesday

Why Progressive Green Solutions (PGSC) is Well Positioned to Drive Shareholder Value Through Reverse Logistics

Some of the largest retailers and shippers in the business utilize reverse logistics (“RL”) to capitalize on returned items and sell these goods in a secondary market. Items that are not brand new and ones that have never been used are procured through returns or even from stores like Sears (SHLD) and Macy’s (M) to create revenue from items that were once discarded or simply liquidated at extremely low prices. According to former Best Buy CMO Barry Judge, “Secondary market electronics sales represent an estimated $15B market in the United States.” So we know this is a huge market secondary or not.

Many Fortune 500 companies like GE (GE), Amazon (AMZN) and Ebay (EBAY) are taking full advantage of what some used to call a mistake. According to a quote by Dan Eisenhuth, executive vice president for asset recovery at GENCO Distribution System, “Retailers used to liquidate to Compensate for ‘screw-ups.’ Today they do it to stay fresh.”  

How “Fresh” is Selling Damaged and Refurbished Goods?  

To put things into perspective, the value of U.S. remanufactured production grew by 15 percent to at least $43.0 billion, supporting 180,000 full-time U.S. jobs in 2011, according to the US International Trade Commission. There is no doubt that the market is getting bigger and with the DOW hitting 18,000+, new companies are sure to emerge as secondary market consumer electronic distributors and secondary appliance distributors.

The average consumer saves close to 30% for an item that has a small ding from the show room or for a scratch from moving it off a truck. For example, consumers spent $998 on average per person in 2011 for electronics and that would have been roughly a $300 savings. With more and more people spending their money wisely and with these items being “as good as new” the industry as a whole has blossomed into a great investment opportunity.

PGSC: Undiscovered Company Beginning to Increase its Footprint…Quietly

Take a look at potentially undervalued company, Progressive Green Solutions, Inc. (PGSC).  This company is deeply seeded into reverse logistics and boasts some strong numbers in its financials.  The first 6 months alone show revenues nearly hit $1million every quarter with a 20% gross margin. Total cash on hand was just over half a million dollars and total current assets nearly topped out at $2million after the close of its second quarter.   More importantly, the company has already begun streamlining operations.

First it was able to decrease COGS by adopting the capitalization of direct labor and packaging costs.  Second, the company realized an increase in gross revenue attributed to greater availability of inventory for sale and an addition to the sales team late in June 2014.  Finally, Progressive saw an increase in gross margin due mostly to a new supply chain of air conditioners (out of all potential products that could bump up numbers).  It will be interesting to see how this next quarter unfolds especially as the company continues to grow.

Due to the nature of its operational structure, Progressive has begun setting itself apart by not only focusing on building strong inventories but also enhancing how direct laborers (the “boots on the ground”) are fulfilling orders.  This is a crucial piece in the revenue model believe it or not. If operations suffer because of employees working inefficiently, the bottom line could greatly suffer.  PGSC has engaged this model to generate more revenue, increase inventories (the lifeblood to RL), decrease cost, and increase margins all within the first 2 quarters of doing business under this model.

Market Value

Right now reverse logistics has gained the attention of some of the big organizations in the retail spot and with the size of the market, a smaller player even grabbing a 5% market share could see impressive revenue numbers with shareholders reaping the benefits.  Even if you take 1% market share of a $43B industry, a company would be roughly generating $430M a year in annual revenue. For PGSC, a $430M revenue number would put this stock around $3.75 currently it’s trading at $0.70 leaving over 500% in potentially upside if Progressive’s stock ran to those highs.

As a more familiar industry, (if you aren’t up on your air-conditioning market facts) the Mobile phone industry sold about 1.2 B phones world wide last year and the return rate for that 1.2 billion was about 8% according to the Recovering Lost Profits by Improving Reverse Logistics report commissioned by UPS and written by Curtis Greve and Jerry Davis. That means that there were roughly 96 Million phones that were refurbished and then sold on the secondary market. At an average resell price of $82.50 there are certainly those who are profiting handsomely from the 7.9B that’s generated by the resale of these secondary market.


Reverse logistics is a relatively new industry having its humble beginning back in the 70’s with dry stored items being shipped to grocery stores who wanted to max their profits and not take such devastating losses. Little did the clerks and fork-lift operators know at the time that their screw ups would ultimately be a defined and studied billon dollar industry; now there could be an incredible opportunity right in front of us to take advantage of such a growing market.  Progressive Green Solutions has found an underserved niche and has continued to grow quarter over quarter as it continues to streamline its operations and feed the fire through adding to its inventories.  Simply based on its growth and revenue potential alone, this could be an incredibly undervalued company and a reason to look closely at the company especially as the third quarter is coming to a close and a new fourth quarter will be underway for the Holiday Season.

Current Market Value is Roughly $80M.  430/80 =5.375 multiple


Moko Social Media ($MOKO) Gains Attention After Latest Quarterly Review

MOKO Social Media Ltd. (NASDAQ:MOKO) is a social media digital and mobile apps platform used to compliment social media giants such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). The company buzz is picking up as it just released news reviewing their quarterly highlights, and MOKO extends their contract with the IMLeagues, which is used as a mobile app for Colleges and Universities’ intramural sport leagues.

The finalized structured deal between MOKO and the IMLeagues is crucial from the company’s view. By building their exclusive control of the mobile information and App rights, MOKO’s administration with IML is protected. The company can now dedicate more outlets in teaming up with IML to continue the growth of REC*ITs efficiency and further define themselves within the upper echelon of our nation’s college sports and recreation forum. MOKO is already being contacted by other media and tech businesses, as well as rights management groups, which are devoted to breaking new ground on ways to work with MOKO to achieve this “want” for the university student demographic. The new agreement with the IMLeagues also helps get rid of some obstacles and will bring initiative to expand REC*IT further than it’s current scope. This will allow MOKO to go after other deals that focus on student activities on campus and other community and adult sports and leisure management. The company is planning to release a statement pertaining to this topic in the near future.

MOKO’s Political Team is growing, its’ reach is steadily expanding and their belief is the partnership with the Netroots Nation event is a firm sign that BNR is beginning to be noticed as a major contender in digital media all throughout political areas.

One of MOKO’s goals they have stated is reaching no less than 10 million Monthly Active Users by the conclusion of 2015. Also with some of the developments mentioned above the company is speeding up its activity to achieve this goal. At the end of January, MOKO was able to attain just over 5 million MAU’s and they look to expand this during the current quarter as they release REC*IT and Speakiesy. The company’s cash burn is within their budgeted projections as they expect to receive a $1 million this quarter as MOKO’s R&D rebate. They have acknowledged and stabilized the crucial senior personnel and they are about bulk up there executive team anticipated for the next month or so.

Click Here for Full Quarterly Review

About MOKO Social Media Ltd

Moko Social Media Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the digital publishing of mobile applications for youth and young adult customers. The company operates through Mobile Social, Mobile Advertising, and Mobile Commerce segments. The company provides proprietary mobile social networks and community/chat products, as well as owns proprietary mobile performance ad network for various industry sectors, such as Mobile Games, Mobile Apps, and Financial Services. It also provides digital publishing services that enable advertisers to place their ads on its properties; and mobile community development services. In addition, the company operates an e-commerce platform, which offers online and flash sales of products, as well as sells merchant products to customers. It operates in Australia, the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company was formerly known as MOKO.mobi Limited and changed its name to Moko Social Media Limited in September 2013. Moko Social Media Limited is based in Highgate, Australia.

#Superbowl of Stocks: Coming to the #OTCQB and The Year of $OXIS Continues

Coming to the OTCQB, 2015 the Year of $OXIS Continues

Oxis International (OTCQB:OXIS) has had quite the year. Right after the new year OXIS announced patent licensing for Multiple Myeloma treatments, as well as releasing press of Dr. James J Mulé to the scientific advisory board. The cherry on the sundae, so to speak, may have come last week with the announcement of OXIS being up-listed to the OTCQB.

Unless you’re new to the small cap or micro cap game, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about a company getting “up-listed” and it certainly won’t be the last. Many people don’t really understand the importance of up-listing and how it can be a real game changer for the company.

There are many advantages for a company that gets up-listed but as with all good things, there are some disadvantages too. Let’s take a take a look at both sides of the coin.

Some of the advantages to a stock getting up-listed include:

  1. Exposure to more favorable financing options
  2. Increased investor confidence due to reporting requirements of the exchange
    1. IE companies need to identify an accurate share structure, list the law firm responsible for handling the company’s annual report(s), etc.
  3. Minimum prices per share will be maintained due to the requirements of the exchange
    1. For OTCQB, companies need to meet an ongoing minimum bid price test of $0.01 as of the close of business for at least one of every 30 calendar days
  4. A heightened sense of corporate responsibility by way of additional reporting by companies regarding information on officers, directors, and controlling shareholders.

If you are an investor with your eye on a company, like OXIS, that is moving up to another exchange, those are just a few of the positive things, among others.

Of course, there are also negative things to be warry of. If the company is struggling financially, coming up with the $10,000 (minimum) annual fee and one time application fee of $2,500 to upgrade to the OTCQB, could mean even more hardship for the company. Not to mention, if the company currently is already trading on the line of the minimum, it could end up having a hard time meeting the minimum price lives that are required of a company on the OTCQB.

But for those doing their DD, if the company is making the jump “the QB”, you would hope as an investor, that the company wouldn’t make that big jump if they didn’t have all their ducks in a row. For investors, the upside is, if a company they are watching is making that jump, chances are a certain level of transparency

Should exist with the company and in turn can become a strong focus for investors.


Playing with the Big Boys

Moving up can be a definite game changer for the future of a company. Establishing transparency is key in maintaining confidence of investors. Being able to have a clear picture of the financial situation of a company is one of the most important things to making smart investing decisions. And for some companies, if things go well on the OTCQB, they set their sights on the NASQAQ or NYSE!

Hopefully a Happy Ending


In conclusion, there are a host of ways a company can attract investors. From hitting today’s social media market, to hiring of a professional investor relations firm, the ultimate outcome depends on the financial health and transparency of the company in question.

$MOKO #SocialMedia 2.0: Time To Make A Big Change To How We Communicate

In today’s world keeping in touch, connecting, and sharing information is as simple as clicking or swiping a button. Moko Social Media Limited (NASDAQ:MOKO) is a company that lends a hand to add to the simplicity of using social media more comfortably in our everyday lives. Moko Social Media engages in the digital publishing of mobile applications geared towards a younger generation of consumers.

Building around a common interest and many of different users, MOKO provides a platform viewed in the form of  mobile applications. One recently released to the public entitled “tagroom” provides information that connects users through their specified common interest and holds high standards for impacting the social media industry in a major way.

For those who are not aware, social media is an industry that generates billions of  dollars a year in revenue. MOKO is a publicly traded on the NASDAQ. Within the last 40 days, MOKO has been doing well, seeing a high at 6.05 and some lows during the month at $4.61 but has maintained there position in the green for the month of January which could make it a viable option for current and potential  shareholders to see a profitable return.

Top Trading #MarijuanaStocks Hitting The Radar On January 14

“Marijuana Market Watch For Wednesday January 14th”

Attention on marijuana stocks has begun to increase since uncertainty last year during midterm elections spawned a consolidation period just before the close of the year. As the new outlook for 2015 became more positive for companies in the sector, the January effect has had its way with many of these stocks and several continue to see new highs. With major investment coming into the industry, there’s no doubt that this will continue to be a topic of interest in the coming year. Just recently Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel invested in the marijuana industry through a minority stake in Privateer Holdings (through his own fund, The Founders Fund). Seemingly the marijuana industry’s biggest investor thus far has created a domino effect within the public markets, giving more confidence to otherwise prudent investors.

Oxis Inernational Inc (OTC:OXIS) recently announced that it had executed a worldwide exclusive patent licensing for certain assets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma and initiated a consulting agreement with University of Pittsburgh’s Professor, Dr. Xiang-Qun(Sean)Xie. Dr. Xie is one of the foremost cannabinoid research scientists in the world and boasts a track record of success that’s a mile long. The license agreement provides Oxis Biotech, Inc an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize therapies for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma.

Over the last 10 days, OXIS has managed to reach two major and very important milestones, which may have been cause of so much market attention building around this company. They went from caveat emptor status on OTCMarkets to a Current PinkSheet after getting all of the filings up to date. Furthermore Oxis entered into this recent licensing agreement. Since mid-December not only has the stock been on a very consistent upward trend but it has also seen highs of nearly $0.04; coming up from lows of just over a penny.

Advanced Cannabis Solutions (OTC: CANN) is a service provider to businesses in the cannabis industry. Recently the company announced that it has signed a Master Services Agreement with New York based Spector Group, one of the nation’s leading architecture, interior design and master planning firms, for the build out of its multi-tenant office building in Denver, to be known as “The Greenhouse.” Robert Frichtel, Chief Executive Officer of ACS, commented, “We are very glad to have Spector Group come on board with this project. As an established and highly experienced firm, we are confident that Spector will bring our vision of The Greenhouse to life quickly and with a minimum of difficulty.”

Over the last 2 weeks, Advanced Cannabis has been on a warpath for big gains. The stock opened the year at $1 and has since jumped more than 400% to highs on Tuesday of $4.50. Similar to Oxis just a few weeks ago, Advanced Cannabis is reporting a Caveat Emptor status on OTC Markets.



United Cannabis Corporation (CNAB) has also come across the radar of many marijuana stock investors. This month the company announced that it has signed a consulting and licensing agreement with FoxBarry Farms, LLC, whereby FoxBarry will be the exclusive licensee and distributor of United Cannabis branded medical marijuana products in the State of California.

FoxBarry has earmarked $30 million to fund all phases of the California state-wide program. The Company will receive $200,000 in prepaid royalties for exclusive licensing rights in the State of California and the first location will be located in Northern California; operations are expected to begin in the next 30-45 days. During the matter of a few days, United Cannabis’ stock price has been on a bull run. Since opening the year around $0.70, this stock has seen an increase in volume and a jump in price by roughly 91% in the matter of just a few weeks. Sentiment remains high (no pun intended) across the marijuana sector and these companies have garnered more interest from traders and investors alike.

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Marijuana Will Be the Single Best Investment Idea of the Next Decade

Marijuana Will Be the Single Best Investment Idea of the Next Decade

Marijuana Will Be the Single Best Investment Idea of the Next Decade

Call it a drug trade for investors. Todd Harrison, CEO and founder of Internet-based financial media company MInyanville, thinks cannabis “will be the single best investment idea for the next ten years.”

But while the public has watched recreational marijuana take off in Colorado this year, how can they profit from it as an investment theme?

Harrison believes it will be driven by the broader legalization of marijuana, inspired by states’ need for tax revenue. He points to expectations that legal marijuana use is expected to generate $134 million in tax revenue for the upcoming fiscal year in Colorado, the first state to allow recreational marijuana. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and Harrison calls the state the “litmus test” for broader legalization. Harrison also cites the expected decline in crime rates and prison populations as powerful incentives to decriminalize marijuana.

The New York Times reports that half the states in the U.S., including some in the conservative South, are currently considering decriminalization of the drug or legalizing it for medical or recreational use. Oregon and Alaska are the likeliest to legalize pot next year. Twenty states now permit the use of medical marijuana now, while Colorado and Washington have legalized it for recreational use.

The legal marijuana market is estimated to grow 64% to $2.34 billion in 2014 from $1.44 billion, according to a recent report by the cannabis investment and research firm Arcview Group.

– Read the entire article at Yahoo Finance.



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